Sunday, June 22, 2008

Enter Sandman... sorta

The day before our dress rehearsal my elementary jazz band had yet to be able to make it to the end of our version of Enter Sandman.

We had only decided on the ending the day before. I had told them that if on the dress rehearsal we couldn't make it all the way through the song without stopping, it was getting cut. I had prepped myself to hold firm to this ultimatum.

Amazingly, I didn't have to.

Here is a video of my lovely kids performing Metallica's Enter Sandman as posted by an anonymous student. My ego cautions me against sharing it as you will hear we got 2 beats off when I failed to cue the saxes in midway through the verse. But, as I've related my frustrations and trepidations about doing this tune several times on this blog, I'd be remiss not to share the grand summation of the Enter Sandman Saga.

I'm not quite sure what this performance says about the state of music in today's educational system. Nonetheless, I give you Enter Sandman, elementary jazz band style: