Friday, January 25, 2008

Quickies! or... New Ways to Spend My Money

Temptation just got closer...

Magnolia Bakery, the famed NYC cupcake heaven just opened a second location! Instead of making the long trek down to the village, I can simply get off the 1 train at 72, and walk the few blocks to 69th and Columbus for sweet indulgence!

This area is getting very dangerous- Levain Bakery (home to the world's BEST cookies) and Buttercup Bake Shop have long since been forcing me to add extra miles to the workouts, and Alice's Tea Cup is a favorite for using up my hard earned cash. But with Jacque Torres opening at 73rd and Amsterdam a few months ago and now Magnolia, too? I'm gonna have to skip the mass transit and actually run there to make up for the amount of calories I foresee ingesting in the future!

A Buck for Starbucks?

Can it be true? A dollar menu coming to Starbucks? Not quite. More like a $1 "short" yet bottomless cup of coffee is now on the menu in select Seattle Starbucks. Apparently this purchase has been available for some time, just not publicized. My question is, do you have to remain in the shop in order to get the refill? Or can you come and go all day as you want? The former, I'm sure.

Interesting news, but I'll still be sticking with my beloved Hungarian Pastry Shop bottomless cups.

Speaking of coffee...

Came across this wonderful chart via Will Work For Food:

And finally,

They're a wonder:

I've always had quite a thing for bags, especially big ones! These "bustier handbags" take the cake! But alas, they are no longer for sale. Time to hit up Ebay!


K. D. Bryan said...

During my all-too-brief vacation to NYC last year, I made the mistake of entering the Buttercup Bake Shop. I then had to commute back to where I was staying on Long Island for a party WITHOUT eating all the delicious cupcakes. Not eating the Lemon ones alone was pure torture. :D

D0nnaTr0y said...

Ha! Sounds like pure torture to me!

Redding said...

I can't wait to come back to NYC to partake in the eating of some divine sweets (especially cupcakes)!! ;-) RF