Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Dedication. Commitment. Discipline.

These are words I use often with running, or composing. Occasionally they are used when describing teaching, or a relationship. Dieting, maybe. Financing, definitely! Or even when attempting to read a classic (Jane Austen anyone?). They are not terms I would have related to blogging. But oh how they apply!

I started this blog a little over a year ago, just feeling the waters, not really sure what I intended to do with it. I've really enjoyed my dabbling, and have a few ideas on how I would like to expand upon it. I've actually had these ideas since January but have yet to implement them.


Because, like so many other aspects of my life, I lack the dedication, commitment, and discipline to running a successful blog.

I am not alone in this syndrome. The "I'll try to be hip and start a blog and be real active for about 8 mos then let it peter out to nothing" syndrome. I've seen far too many friends fall victim to this disease!

But alas, I am determined to fight back, and reactivate this blog once and for all!

I currently am in Australia, and plan to find quirky yet significant things to report upon, along with my first attempt at some musical journalism (more on that later!).

Thanks to all that have checked back repeatedly, to see the same old last post (and thanks to all that commented on the Sandman performance!). I will not let you down!

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