Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dark Nights: Music for Superheroes & Their Alter Egos

Dark Nights
Music for Superheroes & Their Alter Egos

The Bottomless Cup Jazz Orchestra's NYC Premiere!
You don't want to miss this history making night of coffee, comics, and music!

Wed, Oct. 15, 2008

at the Brooklyn Lyceum

2 sets at 8:00 & 9:30

$10 cover



Erica vonKleist
Geoff Burke
Janelle Reichman
Joseph Edward Perez
Tom Abbott


Sam Hoyt
Jason Weisman
Nadje Noordhuis
Lis Rubard

Mike Fahie
Pete McIvor
James Zeller
Max Seigel


Aaron Kotler
Zaid Shukri
Jerome Jennings


K. D. Bryan said...

I'm deeply depressed that I was both geographically and chronologically incapable of making this show. Still, I hope it was totally fantastic and full of good energy. :)

How'd it go?

Troy Hickman said...

Hope the show went well! Is it available anywhere for download and such?

And I love the music, btw! If Twilight Guardian had a soundtrack, I'd want it to be this!

D0nnaTr0y said...

Thanks guys! It went well and I'm working on getting some recordings up (only the first set was recorded by accident so there won't be too much to share) but I'll let you know when something is up! :)