Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Road Crew Rocks!

(click picture to enlarge it so you can actually read it-
for some reason I couldn't get blogger to make it bigger)

Don't you love it when worlds collide creating perfect harmony?!
Ok, maybe I'm little jacked on coffee this morning but really, this web comic is awesome!

Based in Ireland, Tommie Kelly posts a new comic every day chronicling the adventures and mishaps of a rock band from the perspective of a sound guy. A veteran sound guy himself, Kelly's experiences ring true in the comic and any one else who has ever been in a band can appreciate his humor.

Explore his website, and catch up on the back issues. Also check out this interview here or follow him on Twitter at @RoadCrew.


Tommie said...

Thanks for the very kind words and for posting the links. I'll stick up a link on Road Crew tomorrow when I wake up!


sklabah said...

Nice find. That comic reminds me (as a drummer) of struggling with a similar click-track issue. That thing was all over the place!

Hey, do know how you can tell a stage is level? The drool is coming out of both sides of the drummers mouth.!

D0nnaTr0y said...

@sklabah- lol! that's great!

Tommie said...

Hi Kelly,

I stuck a post up about your sites over on

Thanks Again!


D0nnaTr0y said...

That's awesome- thanks Tommie! :)

Continually Spicy said...

Very cool link, thx for posting it.

Just a heads up, I tagged you in a meme. Feel free to ignore it, I was just keeping the thread going.

If interested, feel free to check out the rules: