Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet Home Carolina

photo by Richard Barlow, used with permission

North Carolina was my home for a total of 8 years.

The first three were late middle, early high school, and I lived in Swansboro, NC (pictured above).

The other five were during college at UNCG in Greensboro. While I
did a attend a UNC school, it was not the famed UNC-Chapel Hill who won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship last night. But that didn't stop me for cheering them on or explaining to the BF that their jersey color is "Carolina Blue" not "powder blue."

While living in NC was fine, I don't have any grand desires to relocate there. I do, however, get yearly yearnings to visit, drive through the back roads, and sample some tasty NC BBQ, my favorite! And that yearning got a little deeper when I came across an old NC high school friend who now does incredible photography. I couldn't believe it, but his pictures made me actually
miss North Carolina! My favorite out of the bunch is above, but these are just as good:

Go check out more of his amazing work at http://www.barlowdesign.net/

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