Monday, June 4, 2007

The Bad Plus's Blindfold Test

In response to a request by Destination: Out! to select the best 10 jazz albums of the 1990’s, The Bad Plus decided to post on their blog, DO THE MATH, 4 mp3s from albums that did not make the cut.

Typically, I am petrified of blindfold tests. What easier way is there to make a complete fool of yourself by not recognizing someone completely obvious? At least that is the fear. After listening to the aforementioned tracks, I can safely say that only the first track sounds at all familiar to me. And by that I mean the first saxophonist. The third track is supposedly inspired by Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. I find the fourth track, while unrecognizable, beautiful. But that’s all I will say.

Go listen for yourself, keep your ideas to yourself if you like, then check back (there, not here) next week for the answers!

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