Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Missed Marathon

No, not another running marathon. This time I refer to Bang on a Can's annual Marathon. It was this past weekend and I had no idea. I am so sadly out of the loop.

As it turns out I wouldn't have been able to go anyway as I was up in Mount Vernon the whole weekend playing in the what had to be the world's most bipolar high school production of Dreamgirls. I say bipolar because the incredible lack of organization in the production which enabled the pit band to sometimes play, sometimes not, sometimes start just to stop halfway through a number did not matter to the audience who was there only to hear these quite talented high schoolers belt their way American Idol style through the plot. While a bit painful at times to play, it was mostly likely a pleasure for the community to watch.

While I did somewhat enjoy getting paid to play a continually out of tune flute (that auditorium was SO hot and I just could NOT control the pitch!) and smooth jazz saxophone licks (I actually prefer the out of tune flute!), I do wish I could have partook in the all night music down in the Financial District.

Lucky for me, Darcy James Argue chronicled the entire event. If you too were absent, check out his write-ups and photos here, here, and here. You'll be sad you missed it, too!


joe said...

don't be sad about bang on a can. i actually played at last year's and it was an absolute disaster.... terrible planning, no rehearsal time... kind of ridiculous. and to be honest with you......... BOAC claims to be open minded and super cool but they have to be the most closed minded new music group out there, they only program music in their style and claim to be "super cool" and hip. eh.... you're not missing all too much.

love the dreamgirls story... i used to play in all kinds of terrible pit bands to make some dough...

D0nnaTr0y said...

Interesting insight, Joe! It's amazing how such things as lack of planning/organization can make such a big difference!