Saturday, December 1, 2007

Facing a deadline? Join me in some procrastination...

The Church of Coltrane

I assume we are all familiar with the St. John Will-I-Am Coltrane African Orthodox Church. This morning, as I sat down to (hopefully) finish this project that's got me dirtying up all my favorite coffee mugs, I was hit with this article on the first (online) page of the NYT. I only skimmed the article (hey, I've got music to write), but definitely took time to look at the slide show (hey, I've got ALL DAY to finish up!).

Hated the thought that anyone out there might miss this informative (I assume) blurb (or that I'd have to start writing so soon after waking), so I am sharing it here.

In the process of posting, I stumbled upon this revolting bit of news:

The McMocha

It's not at all surprising that McDonald's is considering entering the over caffeinnated over priced ridiculously trendy you-think-we're-high-end-and-sophisticated-but-really-we're-just-a-franchise-with-good-advertising coffee drink phenomenon (she says as she sips her excessively strong home brewed Starbucks "Christmas" blend). What's surprising is that it's taken so long for them to jump in.

At a time when Starbucks is hurting (supposedly, according to this article, that again, I only skimmed), will McDonald's step up to keep us satisfied? ... (sorry, just fell out of my chair laughing at the thought). Maybe not, according to this report. Apparently we snobby upper upper UPPER westsiders aren't the only ones who are appalled at the thought.

Decide for yourself.

Now really, I must get a get back to work- stop distracting me.

But first, I need another cup of coffee.


ACN said...

Peet's coffee is, without a doubt, the best coffee you can possibly find ANYWHERE.

D0nnaTr0y said...

I've never heard of Peets. Is that a west coast place?

DJA said...

Peets is based in San Francisco, but they had a presence in Boston -- I used to go to their Harvard Square coffeeshop all the time. They don't have a coffeeshop in NYC but you can find their beans around various places. They are indeed very very good -- by far the best of the national chains. I don't know about them being the undisputed champion, however -- I don't think they quite measure up to the best independent NYC coffeehouses -- Gimme Coffee, Café Grumpy, 9th Street Coffee, or my neighborhood roaster, D'Amico. It's hard to beat a family-owned Italian place like D'Amico that's been roasting their beans on-site for generations.