Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Obama Day

I am not well-educated in the ways of politics. I don't read nearly enough and on Sunday mornings while the BF watches the various political talk shows, I find myself curled up next to him on the couch in front of the TV but with my nose deep in a comic, attention turned to the adventures of Diana and Supes with ears closed to the speculation and explanation of the week's politics. Shame on me, I know.

But I do know about change. I grew up, a military brat, changing every 2 years. New school, new friends, new music program, new state, new corner of the country with it's subtle nuances of cultural difference (what?! Duckhead shorts aren't cool here? but they were such a status symbol at my last school! and can someone please tell me what a frappe is??).

Change is hard. Change is a bitch. Change has to be worked at.

It's fun to think about change, it's harder to implement.

For most of America, and possibly parts of the world, today marks change. A stepping out of a dark despair, into the proverbial light. And leading this march is America's 44th President, Barack Obama.

Misery loves company. It's easy to hide under the covers and think why bother when it seems the country is going to hell in a hand basket. It's easy to muse on how bad things are, bringing others down with you. It's easy to day dream about how great things could be, if only things would change. At a time when the country is desperate for change, out steps an avatar touting just that, change.

If asked, I admit to being unable to list the fine points of Obama's upcoming political agenda (and I'd be curious to know how many of those actively participating in the Obamamania could). I could easily believe that he is simply a man with incredible timing, in the right place at the right time, a culmination of the direction America is trying to take, rather than a new idea spontaneously arriving a la deus ex machina. And I'm okay with that.

People like a leader, in many cases need a leader. I'm not sure what I believe Obama will do for this country politically, but I'm counting on his fresh and steady voice to inspire America to get off their butts and not just wait for change, but participate in change. To make. change. happen.

Change is hard. Change is a bitch. Change is necessary. Change is evolution.

We have someone willing to hold our hand in change. On this Inauguration Day, we should not be holding our breath, crossing our fingers and hoping that Obama doesn't let us down, we should be standing up, pushing away the covers, and hoping that we don't let Obama down.

Today America receives an invitation to change. Sitting here at my computer in NY watching the coverage in DC I can literally feel the energy crackling. Political agendas aside, let's make today be the day we allow ourselves to be inspired to make change, a positive change, in our own lives, a group effort to improve upon this country, and all of mankind.

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K. D. Bryan said...

I woke up sick today but I still felt the electricity in the air. Here's to change, here's to hope and here's to the hard work to make change a reality.

Of course, the geek in me has to point out that President Obama (or somebody who looks just like him) is also showing up in this week's issue of Thunderbolts to yell at Norman Osborn in Air Force One with Leonard Samson.