Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Motivators: James

Meet James. He wants to help me get back into comics. So two Wednesdays ago, on December 24, I followed James to his weekly comic haven, Old Town Comics in Fredericksburg, VA. This picture makes it look he's signing comics, but he's not.

DT: How long have you been collecting?

J: I started in Elementary school, collecting X-Men, other Marvel comics, and Archie. I took a break for awhile then returned about 5 years ago.

DT: What do you collect currently?

J: Consistently, I follow 5 stories: Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and JLA. But I'll pick up lots of the miniseries like Final Crisis and anything else recommended to me by Ed, the owner of Old Town Comics.

DT: Personal fav?

J: Green Lantern

DT: Fav author? Artist?

J: Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver

DT: Do you shop at the same place every week?

J: I started going to Old Town Comics about 2 years ago after my other store closed, and yeah I'm very loyal.

DT: Why Old Town?

J: The personal attention. Ed knows what I like, we have a good rapport and he'll hold books for me when I'm out of town, even for months, as well as throw in recommendations based on my tastes.

DT: Do you prefer monthlies or trades?

J: Monthlies- I don't have the patience to wait for the trades.

DT: Fav superhero movie?

J: Dark Knight- on Blu-Ray. I like all my superhero movies on Blu-Ray.

[DT: I'm jealous.]

J: I'm also looking forward to Watchmen and Wolverine Origin.

DT: Why do you read?

J: I like the genre and the movies- it's my getaway.

DT: Why should I start reading again?

J: Do you miss it?

DT: Yes

J: That's why

(the above was entirely paraphrased based on an interview post Old Town visit)


Pablo Javier Frizan said...

Every time, I travel to Buenos Aires, I go to a comic store. I always have a specific comic on my mind, but when I see the other stuff. Well, I fell like Tom Hanks looking for Wilson... HAHA

D0nnaTr0y said...

Ooohh! You'll have to tell me where the comic shop is in BA in the event I actually make it down there! And I know exactly how you feel about getting distracted by other stuff. It's like being a kid in a candy shop!

Pablo Javier Frizan said...

Ups. It feel not fell... The comics store is 1385 Corrientes Street or Corrientes al 1385. It's in a gallery, where it has 4 shops with different articles. Each of them are small, but who cares...