Thursday, April 23, 2009

Watch out Intraweb...

... Kyle Saulnier is blogging!

Who is Kyle you ask? To start with, an amazing composer of large ensemble cacophony who thrives on confusing you by having two bari saxes featured on one tune and an oboe on the next. In addition to leading the Awakening Orchestra, he also co-leads the self-described "elastic.hybrid.chamber.pop" ensemble Alice. Both bands, and his blog can be checked out at his new site Awaken The Music.

I met Kyle the day I auditioned for the Manhattan School of Music and when I found out he was currently living in Fredericksburg, VA, the same town I am from, I honestly thought it was some weird joke and went into my audition slightly dazed and confused. I later learned this was not an abnormal reaction to Kyle. Talking to him is like watching an Elseworld's adaptation of Gilmore Girls if written by Frank Miller- the dialog is quick, witty, uber-dark and peppered with obscure cultural references that I rarely understand leaving you feeling slightly dizzy and for some reason craving strong, dark coffee. Which is why I can't wait to read his blog!

Check him out at



ks said...

Oh, you... thanks for the shout. Though I'm sorry to have knocked Captain Pan Flute down the page - that's what he gets for not reading the damn flow chart.

Pink Heels said...

Too funny! It will be interesting to read about his adventures and perceptions on life.