Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Yesterday, I turned 29. Today, I stayed in my pajamas for all but the 5 minutes it took to run downstairs to buy a cheap $7 bottle of wine. Now, I am watching NBC's coverage of the fireworks celebration of the 4th of July. I always think I don't care about such occasions at watching fireworks for a national holiday until I find myself on my second glass, in my PJs with dirty hair, watching other people happily celebrating. Then, the inevitable thought, "maybe I should have gotten off my a$$, taken a shower, and not stayed a hermit once again." Sigh. Oh well, too late now.

The last few weeks have been, to understate, quite intense.

First, I had my school's end of the year Spring Concert which proved to be much more stressful that I anticipated. I hope to post mp3s from that concert soon (they really are quite cute!).

Then came the week of mad writing to finish this piece for my grandmother's 85th birthday. This became quite an undertaking. Don't believe what they tell you- it is MUCH harder to write music about real people than fictional superheroes! After many manic nights of hammering down the usual initial writer's block, overcoming the insecurity that always plagues me when the time comes to actually call players for the session, rushing late to said session in a cab secretly feeling a little like a rock star, and the final consumption of the god's sweet nectar also known as a Venti Caramel Macchiato (thanks Heidi!), I had a decent recording of "Ike & Ellie."

Of course on first listen I immediately regretted much of what I wrote and have massive plans for a rewrite. Luckily, the fantastic musicians pulled off my shotty writing and at this past weekend's family reunion, enough tears were shed during the playing of "Ike & Ellie" that I know the gesture was well received.

Nevertheless, I am exhausted. Hence the all day veg, and lack of internet correspondence for the past few weeks!

My birthday yesterday was actually quite nice. I had a birthday breakfast with Laura before she flew out to Austria for the summer, then a quick sojourn to Central Park to start my new book before heading out to Queens for a 3 hour meeting with my principal, Fran (the other AWESOME music teacher at my school) and Lucy (the equally AWESOME dance teacher) to discuss scheduling for next year. Then off to teach just 2 lessons up in Eastchester followed by margaritas at the Heights with Jess, Jenn, and Nad. The day was full and I had to carry around my clarinet, flute, and sax all day, but I felt so relieved not to be spending every waking second thinking about writing or teaching.

I suppose I should say something profound about turning 29.

Anyway, camp starts tomorrow and I admit I feel more like a career teacher than career writer, but I suppose that will do for now. Believe it or not, there is more gratitude in teaching:

Happy 4th of July.

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ACN said...

Awww, Ms. Fenton, that note is so cute! I've missed you online but am glad you've been productively busy! Have fun at camp - ewww, have to say I'm very glad not to be there this summer.