Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Where in the World Is?

I recently bought the coolest world map from Amazon. It now hangs in my office and I study it everyday in attempts to overcome "Dumb American" syndrome.

To test my recent cramming, I visited this site. Sadly, the only quiz that I achieved a 100% on was Australia, and that is due only to my Australia magnet courtesy of Nad. Damn those Aussies for only having 6 states and 2 territories!!!

Check it out and see how well you do!


jeanne said...

You KNEW I wouldn't be able to resist that site! So far I've only tried S. America and a 100% of S. America, bombed Africa.

D0nnaTr0y said...


You were exactly who I was thinking of when I posted that!!!

I'm impressed on the 100% for South America! I did not do so hot for that continent. Today I practiced Asia & the Middle East, though still Australia is my only perfect score!