Sunday, April 8, 2007


Today I get to eat sweets again. (read: today is Easter and the end of Lent)

I am not a practicing Catholic, but if I ever to return to the fold, it would be at Lent. I love lent. (Don't you just love Holy Week?!) I experience lent as a time of detoxification, reevaluation, and rebirth. A time to break bad habits, form good ones, and finally get started on those New Year’s resolutions.

On today’s slow 12 miler (thanks again for the route, Pat!), I CBed (Carrie Bradshawed) my 2007 Lenten experience. Here are the results:

Bad Habits Broken:

Drinking 2-3 glasses of wine after every school day
Watching every rerun of Charmed on TNT
Eating sweets when bored, emotional, hormonal, on days that I breath*
Drinking a pot of coffee on days I work from home

*every year I give up sweets for Lent in hopes that after Easter I will eat less of them. This has yet to happen, hence my re-attempts every year

Good Habits Formed:

Waking up at 7:00 on days I work from home
Sticking to my marathon training schedule
Abstaining from alcohol the day before long run (Saturdays)
Detached & nonchalant attitude towards my school’s admin. (This was by far the hardest habit to form! We’ll see how long it lasts…!)
Replacing black & herbal tea for coffee and wine

Habits to work on Post Lent:

Limiting the now legal sweets
Refraining from checking my email/myspace 500 times a day
Writing first thing in the morning rather than later in the day
Practicing daily (yes, you read correctly. We’ll see how that pans out!)
Adding one dance class a week to my work out regime

Happy Easter

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joe said...

"Detached & nonchalant attitude towards my school’s admin."

ah.... yes. there is no way to win, kelly. give up and empty your wallet to pay for the president's new penthouse!