Wednesday, April 11, 2007

London Calling

In a week, I get to use my new passport. I haven't used a passport since I was 5 weeks old, leaving Okinawa, Japan for the States.

On Wednesday, April 18, I'll meet up with Julie and Jason in JFK, and fly over to London, England!!!!!! We'll be there for a week, with the highlight being the Flora London Marathon on Sunday, April 22. I am also looking forward to high tea in Harrods and visiting Hyde Park. But I don't know much about London and have no idea what else to do.

Any ideas???


ACN said...

There is SO MUCH to do in London, you'll never see even a fraction of it all.

Westminster Abbey
St. Paul's Cathedral
Piccadilly Circus (not a circus)
West End if you want to see plays
the British Museum is great
National Gallery at Trafalger Square
Thames River
Buckingham Palace
I hear the Tate Modern is great
Covent Garden (not a garden)
Big Ben and Parliament

I LOVE London. Be prepared for major conjection in the tube - unbelievable crowds, worse than New York.

ACN said...

One word of caution:

London is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Plan well. Don't get sucked into tourist traps in terms of restaurants. If you're there a week, plan to buy things at the grocery store.

Underground tickets - I think you can buy a week pass. At the very least, on days you'll be doing lots of travel, buy the day pass. Know which zones you'll need to go through. DO NOT buy a single ticket - it's 4 pounds (8 dollars!).


Tower of London
Churchill's War Roms

ACN said...

I keep thinking of things! Sorry.

Some of the world's best Indian food is in London. So feast yourself.

If you're there on a Sunday, go to a service at St. Paul's or Westminster. It's just beautiful.

You can easily take day trips outside London to other towns, like Cambridge, but the trouble with that is the astronomical train fares.

Best bet: buy a London guide. Time Out publishes excellent city guides but may not be best for the budget minded person. I have Time Out and Rough Guide for Berlin, and I prefer T.O. Lonely Planet isn't bad either.

D0nnaTr0y said...

Thanks for all the ideas! Yes, I've heard how expensive London is... Maybe I'll pick up one of those guides as suggested.

Any one else (or is Anyssa really and truly my only reader?)??

joe said...

i'm so jealous! i haven't been to europe since i was 12, and can hardly remember a thing! i'm also jealous because my passport picture is the worst picture of me in existence... boy i was a dorky 13 year old! i know nothing of england (why am i writing here?) but i thought i'd chime in with some good luck charms of some sort- enjoy the trip!

D0nnaTr0y said...

Thanks- I could use as many good luck charms as possible! And I'm secretly happy that I'm not the only musician that hasn't been abroad recently. Hope LA's being good to you! -K

ktothefe said...

Holy Crap!!!! You're in LONDON!!!???? I am SUCH A BAD BROTHER for not keeping up with your blogs!!!! MY BAD YO--my BAD!

I CANNOT WAIT for you to tell me how it was.....I think this offically makes me the only person in the family who has not left this continent!!!!! (middle-child syndrom anyone!)

Anyway, I love that you take yourself on adventures--all in the name of excersice!! You're pretty awesome for doing that. You need to teach me how to get the balls to do it!!!!